Dynamiclear-What Is It & Where To Buy


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Dynamiclear has recently proven itself as a very effective over the counter oral herpes treatment!  The FDA approved and proven effective 98% effective in the most recent studies involving herpes and oral herpes treatments!  We Give you a complete Dynamiclear Review and where to buy Dynamiclear below.

How Dynamiclear Works

A sulfate based solution, Dynamiclear is an odorless herbal defense against both the HSV-1 and HSV-2 viruses that cause both oral and genital herpes.

Dynamiclear attacks the herpes virus as it retreats back into the nervous system where the herpes virus lives when not active.  When the herpes virus resurfaces Dynamiclear then attacks once again reducing the virus in the body after each breakout.

How Quickly Does Dynamiclear Take Effect?

Clinical & “Real World” Studies have shown that Dynamiclear effects can be seen in as little as 2hrs after the initial application with a full recovery in as few as 72hours(3days).  The average herpes cycle left untreated from start to finish can last between 10-14 days.



The cold sore, when symptoms started



24hrs after initial application



72hrs after the initial application

Dynamiclear Review

The Pros

  • There Are No Known Side Effects With Dynamiclear-It’s All Natural
  • 1 Application- No Need to Reapply 1 Dose Is Sufficient
  • Compared To Other Over The Counter Herpes Meds.-Dynamiclear Is Inexpensive(80-100 Apps)
  • Is considered the FASTEST Healing OTC Treatment for Herpes on the Market Today!
  • Greatly Cuts Down on Severity & Duration of Breakouts (apply only once per outbreak).

The Cons

  • Dynamiclear Works Best When Breakout Has Already Occurred
  • May Sting A Bit, But Nothing That Most People Can’t Handle

“How To Apply Dynamiclear” Video

What’s The Verdict On Dynamiclear?

We like Dynamiclear for a lot of reasons, but mainly the ease of use and most of all it’s effectiveness!  It’s a lot easier to find then most DMSO products that are available on the market.

Like we said, hands down this is the most effective herpes treatment we’ve encountered!  It works fast, cutting healing time in half for most herpes sufferers!  As always if you have any questions ask your primary physician, but we highly recommend Dynamiclear.

Where To Buy Dynamiclear?

You can only buy Dynamiclear directly from the manufacturer.  Simply click on the banner below and you will taken directly to their site.  You’ll find more great Dynamiclear information on the website as well, comparing Dynamiclear to other leading herpes treatment products.

Dynamiclear the solution that Works!